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Too Many Crucibles
by Matt Lyle

In 1692, as the Salem Witch Trials rage in nearby Salem, the residents of Peabody, Massachusetts are going through their own crucible and they are just, like, really sick of crucibles. The surprising election of the boorish lout, Dunning Kruger, to be the local reverend has thrown the town into turmoil and pitted the townsfolk against each other like never before in the history of the New World and that's saying something because the history of the New World is REALLY messed up. Ezekiel Farmer and his wife Verity must reconcile their differences (she voted for Kruger, he for the more experienced female challenger, Goody Constant Bending) and somehow find a way to resist the ugly tide that threatens them all. TOO MANY CRUCIBLES is an extremely unsanctioned companion piece to Miller's classic THE CRUCIBLE that proves some witch hunts turn up witches. 

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